Why "Better OR Best?"

A while ago we decided that our family needed a motto.  We thought about it for quite some time and then told our kids the few ideas we were tossing around in our heads.  We all decided upon this one:

This is on our living room wall.  The pictures are of our three babies.  There's several reasons we chose this.  It's simple/catchy, it provides fantastic guidance to us as parents and also to our kids.  I can't begin to tell you how many times a day that we are asking our kids to "choose," or what would be the "better choice,"  or how about the "best!" Everyone's days are packed full of choices, aren't they?

This phrase comes from a Conference talk that Dallin H. Oaks gave.  He speaks of prioritizing because we can't even begin to do all the good around us.  He talks of simplifying our lives and choosing very wisely the things we do or how we act.

I'm convinced that our "modern day hand-cart" we are pushing today is the stuff that is thrown at us from all directions.  I see that there is texts, emails, phone calls, signs, stores, jobs, people, cars adding to our fast pace lives daily.  I think the choices we make to sort through it all and how we go about it is paramount!  We're being tested, are we not?

Really all the goals we have as a family are covered through "choose better or best."  The negative or bad are being sorted out. We're focused on the choices our Heavenly Father has provided for us to make here on this earth. We're trying to be thrifty. We're not just being a friend but the "best" friend we can be.  We're trying not to just attend church but attend with a better spirit.  We're making better food choices especially in light of thePrader-Willi Syndrome life we live. We try to fill up our schedules with things that will benefit us as a family and on and on and on.

At the end of the day, we are far from perfect but know it's been an okay day when we've mentioned this little motto to each other countless times.  Guess it shows our imperfection but also shows our intentions to be alright.
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