Who We Are

This is us; my beautiful family!  Let me introduce you to the loves of my life:

My oldest daughter was born to us 11 years ago.  We struggled to keep her alive!  Many miracles have kept her with us and we have been thrown into a world of "special needs," specifically Prader-Willi Syndrome.  What a special girl!

Then there is our amazing boy of 9 years.  He came into our lives just at the right moment and brought with him happiness, peace, helping hands, love for life and the most sensitive, empathetic, eager to learn little spirit!

And then there is our soon to be 4 year old.  We may have struggled to get her here but after 3 months of bed rest we haven't stopped chasing after her!  She's spicy, sweet, energetic, happy, smiley, fast and so fun to get a hug from!

I wouldn't be me without my best friend...my husband!  I wanted and needed someone in my life that was fun, spontaneous, laid back, enthusiastic, out going, loves to travel, warm and accepting of everyone.  I found or should I say was led to him!  Over 12 years ago we were sitting in the same religious class together whispering when we shouldn't be, swapping stories across the aisle, trying to be respectful to his ex-girlfriend and speaking to our mothers about knowing each other much better someday.  Well, now I can't imagine not having this hunk of a pilot a part of every moment of every day.  Love him!

Now you know a little about us, I'll explain the purpose to this blog.  Almost nightly I lay in bed trying to rest my mind so I can fall asleep.  So many times I pretty much form an essay of what happened during the day and could put a title to it.  I could compile volumes of those unwritten essays!  I'm learning that as time ticks by, many of those memories or events are leaving me and I'm not able to recall them.  I have got to write them down!

At times when I journal, I always think of someday when I'm gone and my children or grandchildren might uncover my old journals that will be tucked away somewhere.  I have always wondered if they will see or learn from my words or will I touch their hearts.  I'll never know but I can't help it think that if I can journal a little through this blog, maybe, just maybe someone might learn a little from my mistakes or possibly be touched by an experience our family has.  It's a life of learning and I might as well share what I can, right?

So, hopefully someone out there will enjoy, laugh, relate or maybe even roll their eyes!
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